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Langia is a digital platform that simplifies the process of finding a certified translator. Our technology saves you time, and our network of 12,000+ translators has you covered in 176 languages.

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Select Project Type

Choose the type of service you require. Langia offers certified translation and interpretation services in 176 languages.

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Enter Project Details

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Get your documents translated by a certified translator!

Certified Document Translation Services

Most institutions require a certified translation of foreign documents, which can only be produced by a certified translator (reserved title for individuals who have qualified and registered with the association of translators in their province/state). Whether you need a certified translation of a legal document, financial report or driver’s licence, our qualified translators at Langia can translate all types of documents.
Certified document translation services provided by Langia
Rest assured knowing your message is delivered accurately.

Certified On-Site Interpretation Services

Many government agencies, legal firms and companies require interpretation services to help overcome language barriers. Our certified professional interpreters at Langia can provide on-site interpretation services in 176 languages. With a Langia interpreter by your side, you can speak confidently, knowing your message is accurately delivered.
Certified On-Site Interpretation Services
Connect with an interpreter from anywhere.

Certified Remote Interpretation Services

At Langia, we believe quality interpretation services should be accessible by all. That’s why we provide certified remote interpretation services over the phone or on virtual conference platforms like Zoom, Skype, Google Meets and more.
Certified remote interpretation services provided by Langia