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How Cuz Tech Inc. starter from the scratch?

Our Story

Cüneyt Zümrütpınar Cüneyt Zümrütpınar

CEO, Cuz Tech Inc.

After two decades of running a not-for-profit organization, I moved to Canada with my family. Inspired by the welcome we received in our newfound home, I founded and worked as the Executive Director of a charity that assists newcomer families to adapt to their lives in Canada.

Following the global economic downturn, the organization ran into financial difficulty and we were unable to pay our team. To ensure that I was not a burden on the people I was working so hard to help, I decided to work after hours as an Uber driver and freelance translator. During this time, I learned firsthand how vital translators and interpreters are to the immigration and refugee process and that the quality of a translator can make or break a case.

Through this introduction into the translation industry, I learned the systemic problems the industry was facing: underpaid translators, overcharged clients, avoidable delays, and lack of communication between all parties. I knew that for someone looking to a new country as an opportunity to find safety and security for their family, they couldn’t afford any mistakes on their applications. Nor could they accept long delays or pay high fees for the work.

Further, I discovered the language services industry had not evolved and that new technology was required to bring these services into the digital age. This realization brought me to create Cuz Translation, a multiplatform application designed to facilitate direct communication between the customer and translator without third-party intervention. On our mobile or web app, customers can create, send, view and edit projects in a few simple steps. They can download their translated documents, communicate with the translator via the chatbox feature, or follow the translator’s progress on the app. Our innovative and straightforward system has drastically reduced overhead costs, allowing us to provide accessible translation services while maintaining high quality and quick turnaround times all at affordable prices to the customer.

Throughout my career, I have been motivated solely by finding ways to help people solve everyday problems. I am incredibly proud of the work my entire family at Cuz has achieved to date. I’m very excited to see how far we will grow and how many more people we serve.

About Cuz Tech Inc.

Established in 2016, Cuz Tech Inc. was founded on the principles of using technology to find solutions to common problems that companies and individuals face every day.

To do this, we have set to identify and solve major issues within the translation industry, including underpaid employees, overcharged customers, lengthy turnaround times, and overall inefficiency. We are revolutionizing the industry with modern and efficient technological solutions.

Langia -a multi-platform application- was created as a solution to these problems. Through our app, we have drastically reduced overhead costs, allowing us to provide service to the user at a lower price, while still maintaining high quality, quick turnaround time, and efficiency. We are bringing transparency into the industry by connecting users directly with certified and professional translators/interpreters.

Our innovative platform enables us to provide fast & accessible services at affordable rates, without compromising quality.

What makes Langia unique?



Langia can be navigated in 8 languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Chinese and Portugese) on any mobile or desktop device.

Cost Effective


Our innovative system allows us to connect users directly with translators, removing unnecessary third-party intervention and overhead costs. We also offer Legal Aid rates to users who qualify.



To protect your privacy, all Langia users (customers and translators) are required to share files and communicate through our end-to-end encrypted platform.



Typically, translation companies will tell clients when they can complete the required translation assignment. With Langia, you have the power to choose a deadline and translators accept the offer accordingly.



We primarily work with translators that are certified by a provincial association (i.e. ATIO, ATIA, ATA). To ensure excellency, non-certified translators are put through a meticulous evaluation before they are hired.



Upload documents and enter essential details about your project (e.g. language combination, due date, certification type, and nature) to instantly receive a free quote. Use the Langia platform to communicate with the translator or track their progress.