About Langia

Langia is the most advanced platform for procuring certified translators and professional interpreters.

What is Langia

Langia is a digitally simulated platform that offers certified translation and interpretation services for real humans.

With access to over 12,000 experienced language service providers proficient in 176 languages, Langia offers practical solutions to procuring exceptional translators or interpreters for projects of all capacities. Using Langia, it takes less time to submit a document for translation than to get a quote from an agency or freelance translator.

Our innovative platform enables us to provide fast & accessible services at affordable rates, without compromising quality.

What makes Langia unique?



Langia can be navigated in 8 languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Chinese and Portugese) on any mobile or desktop device.

Cost Effective


Our innovative system allows us to connect users directly with translators, removing unnecessary third-party intervention and overhead costs. We also offer Legal Aid rates to users who qualify.



To protect your privacy, all Langia users (customers and translators) are required to share files and communicate through our end-to-end encrypted platform.



Typically, translation companies will tell clients when they can complete the required translation assignment. With Langia, you have the power to choose a deadline and translators accept the offer accordingly.



We primarily work with translators that are certified by a provincial association (i.e. ATIO, ATIA, ATA). To ensure excellency, non-certified translators are put through a meticulous evaluation before they are hired.



Upload documents and enter essential details about your project (e.g. language combination, due date, certification type, and nature) to instantly receive a free quote. Use the Langia platform to communicate with the translator or track their progress.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

How does Langia work?

Select Project Type

Select Project Type

Choose the type of service you require. Langia offers certified translation and interpretation services in 176 languages.

Enter Project Details

Enter Project Details

Enter project details such as language, due date and certification type for an instant quote.

Send to Translator

Send to Translator

Review project details and send to a translator or interpreter.

Frequently Asked Questions

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