Partnership Program for Consultants

Legal consultants earn 10% the total cost for every project they send our way.
Partnership Program for Consultants
Announcement Receive 10% Commission for every project
Translation made simple.

Langia for Immigration Consultants

Our Partnership Program offers immigration consultants 10% of the total cost of every translation or interpretation project they send our way. What’s more, we offer peace of mind when getting quality material produced only by talented language professionals.

Our easy-to-use platform and vast network make finding the right translator specific to your needs possible. Doing it all in a few clicks? Also possible.

Partner with Langia

The Langia Partnership Program can be launched using a personalized referral code that consultants can share with their clients or an individually-generated embed code displayed on their website as a button, badge or banner.

Register as a partner today to start earning.

Did you know?

Langia users get instant access to over 12,000 professional translators and interpreters, in 176 languages. Our vast network of reliable language professionals makes us your one-stop-shop for all your translation needs.

Our innovative platform enables us to provide fast & accessible services at affordable rates, without compromising quality.

What makes Langia unique?



Both you and your clients will be able to learn how to use the app very quickly and it takes only a few seconds to get a quote.

Cost Effective


Our technology does the heavy lifting on coordinating with the translators, saving your clients time and money.



Accurate translation is crucial. Langia’s certified translators are experienced with delivering the level of service your clients need.



With Langia, you have the power to choose a deadline, and translators accept the offer accordingly - our technology ensures no delays.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

How does Langia work?

Select Project Type

Select Project Type

Choose the type of service you require. Langia offers certified translation and interpretation services in 176 languages.

Enter Project Details

Enter Project Details

Enter project details such as language, due date and certification type for an instant quote.

Send to Translator

Send to Translator

Review project details and send to a translator or interpreter.