Translators and Interpreters

Learn more about the exceptional translators and interpreters who work with Langia.

Langia connects users with over 12,000 qualified translators and interpreters proficient in 176 languages.

Our certified translators are qualified and registered with a province or state association (e.g. ATIO, STIBC, ATA). All other professional translators are carefully assessed by our team to ensure we work with only the most qualified language service providers.

Anyone Can Apply

Apply as a Translator

Become a Langia translator or interpreter to gain access to flexible work opportunities and timely payment schedules. To get started, download the Langia app on your mobile or desktop device and complete your profile.

Face to Face Vetting

The face-to-face vetting process lets us thoroughly evaluate your field experience and skills as a professional translator or interpreter.

Our initial application process includes a set of written and verbal tests to evaluate your linguistic skills, speed, consistency and overall quality of your work.

Next, a team member will reach out to arrange an in-person or virtual meeting to help familiarize you with the Langia platform.

Face to Face Vetting
Profile Strength

Personalized Profile

As a freelance translator working with Langia, it’s important that you fill out your profile details, as it will be visible to Langia users looking for language experts.

In addition to personal information like your name, photo and contact number, you should include relevant skills, certifications and experiences in the language combinations you’ve selected.

Streamlined Communication

At Langia, we connect users directly with certified translators and interpreters who are experts in their fields.

We removed unnecessary third-person interventions and replaced them with direct communication between the two parties: translator and client.

No Middle Man
No Middle Man

Scheduled Payouts

With scheduled payment options, Langia translators have peace of mind knowing they will be compensated in a timely manner.

We value the time and effort translators put into their work, so we take considerable measures to ensure fair and timely payments are honoured.

Work with Langia

If you are a translator or interpreter looking for flexible working hours, join Langia now and jump into the next era of translation & interpretation services.

Working with Langia is easy and rewarding. We use leading technology, which helps us minimize the overhead costs and eliminate unnecessary expenses. This allows us to pay our translators and interpreters better, ultimately encouraging them to be the best in their field.

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